Where the Twain Shall Meet: Returning to Teach Me Bass Guitar

Funny thing happened to me while studying music theory, after a certain point things stopped making sense to me. I was fine with Intervals, Triads, Seventh Chords, and have even improved my music reading ability, but when I started studying modes I began to feel lost. After reviewing modes a few times, and still not really getting it, I decided to crack open my Teach Me Bass Guitar book to remind myself what Lesson 13 had in store for me. You may recall that upon completion of Lesson 12 I had decided to take a break from TMBG to go back and shore up my music theory knowledge via the International Institute of Bassists Music Theory course as well as a couple of other books that I have picked up along the way. Well, low and behold, what you know, Lesson 13 of TMBG is all about the Diatonic Modes!

Putting it All Together

Seems I truly have been shoring up the concepts I have learned from Roy in the past 12 lessons and now that I am facing the unknown, it’s not clicking for me. This really brought it full circle for me and made me realize that it is time to return to TMBG. It seems that I am better able to grasp the concepts as presented by Roy, perhaps I’ve grown use to his style over the past 12 lessons, or maybe his style of teaching just appeals to me more, whatever the reason I know it is time to get to work on Lesson 13.


On a related note, for the past month or so I have been mainly focusing on materials other than Teach Me Bass Guitar, and now that I am returning to it I have realized a couple of things. First, I can truly appreciate how well the course is laid out and how clear and organized the book is. Additionally, it is nice to see everything in a decent sized font! Some of the text in other materials that I have been studying have been so small that I had to wear my reading glasses while playing, something I have never felt the need to do with Teach Me Bass Guitar. And finally, Roy’s guidance through the course has been invaluable, having him walk you through the lessons via the DVD’s, providing insight and humor along the way is what really makes this course special. Anyway, I’m glad to be back at it, good times are ahead I am sure!

Anyone else have similar experience? Drop me note or leave a comment, I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. not with modes or your book, but struggling a bit with walking bass right now. Sorry, I’m just a beginner but I know what you mean anyway

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