Weekly Ramble 11/11/11

12 Major ScalesLooking at today’s date I feel like I should be writing about Lesson 11 of Teach Me Bass Guitar instead of Lesson 12.  I am glad to say, however, that I have spent the last week working on Lesson 12, working through the video as much as I could as well as reviewing the material in the book.  I did run into a little difficulty with the material but cannot say for sure if it is an error in the book or if I somehow missed something.  I have posted a question for Roy on the Thunder Row forum and plan to review the video again more thoroughly.

This week I ended up devoting more time to studying music theory, specifically the Cycle of 5th’s, than I did playing.  I figured now was the time to buckle down and figure this out before trying to move on with only a vague understanding of the underlying theory involved here.  The Cycle of 5th’s is not a new concept to me, but I honestly never quite understood what it was or how it applied.  After much studying on the subject, using both the TMBG materials as well as a few other books I have, Wednesday night I finally had a “Light Bulb” moment and things started to make sense to me.  Now I’m not claiming to fully understand it all yet, but I do see how the Cycle of 5th’s works and how I can use it when practicing.  Once I grasped the concept I felt like all of the bits and pieces of music theory that I have learned all came together.  Things are really starting to make sense to me, which is a very cool feeling.  I can’t wait to grab my bass and start working through scales using the Cycle of 5th’s.  I’m actually excited to practice, which is awesome.  Once I work out a few more things I should be ready to post my full review on Lesson 12 so keep an eye out for it in the next week or so.  For now, thanks for reading and keeping it low.


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