Teach Me Bass Guitar Progress Report – 2013

vogt_tmbgAs you may have noticed, I have slowed way down on my progress through the Teach Me Bass Guitar course.  While I admit I have been a bit lax as of late on my studies, I am indeed still working on my lessons, specifically lesson 13. 

A few months ago I decide it was time for me to get out of the woodshed, and as such, went out and joined a band.  While it has been a great thing and I am definitely seeing some marked improvement, it has, alas, cut into the limited time I have to practice, or blog for that matter.  As would be expected, as I progress the lessons are getting more and more difficult.  Furthermore, I realized a while back that I was pretty much just zipping through the lessons, learning the example songs for the given lesson then calling it a day and moving on.  I came to realize that in doing this that I was really short changing myself, and not fully learning everything that I needed to learn before progressing.  Now I am trying to take my time through these lessons and really absorb what is being taught.  In lesson 13 for example, I am taking the time to work through the scales and concepts presented, in every key, not just the two or three Roy uses in his examples. 

At a certain point I felt like I was trying to rush through the course, just to say I had completed it, but soon recognize that this was pointless as I wouldn’t have learned as much as I could have if I slowed down and took my time.  I’m in no rush, I’ll move on when I’m ready to move on, not because I think I need to post a review for the next lesson or just to get done with the course already.  I still wholeheartedly believe that TMBG is a great course as is evident by the fact that I am still working through it.  I may hit a few bumps  along the way and get delayed, but rest assured I will finish this course.  As for Lesson 13, you should be seeing a review from me in the not to distant future. 

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