Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp – Day 6

Anthony Wellington

Our last day at Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp had us breaking into two groups with half of us heading to class with Anthony Wellington and half heading to The Sound Emporium to record.  My group spent the morning with Anthony digging deeper into our knowledge of music theory.  We started out by talking about how many notes are available on our basses and that we should know where every note is.  For example, how many C’s are on a Fender Jazz bass and what strings/frets are they on.  He showed us how to make flash cards to help us memorize this information.

Next Anthony laid out a linear method for use when learning key signatures and how many sharps and flats each have.  The way he laid it out made so much more sense to me than the old Circle of 5ths method.  His is a much more logical approach, which appeals to my way of thinking.  Anthony showed us that it is basically all in the numbers and the order of the strings on a 7 string bass (B E A D G C F).  This completely blew my mind!  It was like the answer had been sitting right there in front of me the whole time and I just never saw it.  Needless to say, Anthony is a fantastic teacher who has a way of connecting the dots in a very relatable manner.  He’s also a super likable guy who is easy to talk to.  Definitely check out his lesson site

After a great morning session with Anthony our group loaded into the van and headed over to Sound Emporium studios to record.  We had the choice of recording the song we had played the night before at The Rutledge or picking a new one, I stuck with the same song as I figured I knew it the best.  We each took turns going into the studio and recording with the TMBG band as Roy guided us through the entire process.  I had to geek out a bit over the Neve mixing console as I am into that sort a thing.  Man what a sweet board!

Sound Emporium

The studio was a very cool experience, a lot of great albums have been recorded there. Everyone was extremely helpful and supportive.  I was having trouble getting the ending to my song down and Dale Armstrong (Drummer) took the time to come out of his drum room and give me some advice.  No one was at all judgmental, everyone truly wanted to see you succeed.  When I just couldn’t get the ending right, Roy guided me through a simplified version and had the other guys fill in the gaps.  It was hard to feel defeated with so much encouragement.

After a long day in the studio we all went back to the Hotel and met for dinner at the Irish Pub for our last hurrah.  At this point all of the pressure was off and it was nice to just relax and talk with everyone, who by this time seemed like old friends.  There was a great band playing called “Def Leprechaun” who were taking our requests all evening. Most of ended up staying until the band had finished playing, it was such a fun night I don’t think anyone wanted it to end.

In the morning we all met for one last breakfast together before going our separate ways.  I know I have been raving about bass camp in every post, but it truly was an amazing experience and I made some great new friends!

Fantasy Bass Boot Camp 2013