Review: TC Electronic BG250 1×15 Bass Combo

In my search for the perfect gig worthy bass combo one of the amps that I really wanted to try was TC Electronic’s new BG250 1×15 combo. Fortunately my local Guitar Center had one in stock so I sat down and gave it go.

As the name implies, the BG250 pushes 250 watts into a single 15″ Custom TC speaker and TC Tweeter. It features a built in tuner, a “TubeDrive” tube emulation knob, plus TC Electronic’s famous “TonePrint®” technology, which essentially lets you pick and change one specific, on-board effect. Additional features include bass contoured tone controls, a mute button, an axillary input for connecting your ipod, a headphone jack, and a balance output for sending your signal to a PA. An optional footswitch is available which allows you to control the TubeDrive, “TonePrint®”, and tuner.

For testing purposes I grabbed a Mexican P-Bass as I’ve been mostly playing my P-Deluxe lately. I figure if the amp sounds good with a standard P-Bass it will sound even better with my P-Deluxe. The first thing that struck me about the BG250 was how crisp and clear the tone was. Even when I cranked it up, the tone was still clear with little to no distortion. To me the amp seemed capable of dialing in a good array of sounds with it’s 3-band bass contoured EQ. I played around with the “TubeDrive” knob a bit, but am not sure if I really liked it, I can see where it might be useful to some players, but it didn’t do much for me. The “TonePrint®” feature, which comes pre-loaded with TC’s Chorus/Vibrato effect, was actually kind of cool. I was able to quickly dial in a nice Jaco-esque tone, and know I would enjoy playing around with the different effects that you can load into this thing. All in all I have to say that the BG250 is not a bad little combo.

As I said, I’d really been wanting to try one of these babies out so when I saw one I jumped on it. At 250 watts it gets pretty loud and I think it would work out fine for jamming at home and even band practice, but worry that it wouldn’t be enough in a live situation. If it had an external speaker out and little more wattage I think I would of been sold, especially at it’s price point. That fact that it weighs only 35lbs doesn’t hurt either. Ultimately I decided that this wasn’t the amp for me. I guess for now, my quest continues.