Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp – Day 4

What an incredible day we had on Wednesday! We started off our morning at fantasy bass boot camp with our guest instructor, Stu Hamm, discussing the importance of warming up before you play and how to avoid injury. Stu gave us a packet of materials which included excerpts from his True Fire instructional series as well as a few other goodies. He then reviewed ways to increase our dexterity before talking about how to play slap and how to tap. We finished up our session talking about rhythm, band dynamics and the bass players role. The rest of the morning was spent with Roy, continuing on with the discussions we started with Stu as well as working on playing tritones, and using scales to play over chords.

After lunch was all Stu. He gave us a rundown of his career and how he got started while playing some of his signature pieces for us. What an amazing day it was to sit less than 10 feet from Stu Hamm and watch him play. Plus he is a really nice guy! After he had said his spiel he took some time to discuss his Washburn signature bass and how he gets his tone. He also talked about strings, he changes his after every performance, his amp and what he needs to get his signature sound. At the end of it all he opened things up for questions and even let us play his bass. Yup, that’s right, I got to play Stu Hamm’s bass! and it was pretty sweet.

After dinner all us campers met Roy and David in the lobby where we loaded into a couple cars and headed out to Victor Wooten’s bass camp out at Wooten Woods. Victor greeted us when we arrived and gave us a quick rundown of how his camp works and then we headed into his performance barn to find Keb Mo, Roy “Futureman” Wooten, Anthony Wellington, Jeff Coffin (Saxophonist for Dave Matthews) and Danny and Beth Gottlieb (Amazing drummer and percussionist for Gary Sinise’s band) on stage getting ready to play. Victor jumped on stage and Keb Mo started playing some serious blues for us. Roy joined in after a bit as well as a few other musician’s throughout the night. Man, I have to say, last night was one of the most amazing nights of live music I have ever witnessed.

Everyone we met out at Wooten Woods was very warm and friendly. Victor loved the idea of getting both camps together to share in the music and is returning the favor by bringing his campers out to The Rutledge to see us perform tonight. When I first heard this idea I was a bit nervous but after meeting everyone last night, most of my fears are gone. They are all a really cool group of people,I know it will be another amazing night.