Playing Outside the Comfort Zone

Now that I am regularly playing with a band again I am increasingly finding myself outside of my comfort zone. The funny thing is that I love it! I have had to learn 30 plus songs in a short period of time, been asked to sing backup vocals, including 3-part harmonies. I spend hours learning songs only to find out at practice that we are playing half of them in a different key. I work on a handful of songs at home to get them down only to come to practice and have two new ones thrown at me and then work through songs I haven’t even touched in a week or so.  Hell they had me singing lead vocals on a song as I was learning it, now I knew how the song went as that it’s a song I have listened to many times but still, I normally prefer to learn a song, get it down pact and then learn the vocal if I have to sing it. read more