Shoulder Pain & The Finding The Right Bass Strap

Bass Strap

Shoulder Pain

Today I want to spend some time talking about shoulder pain and finding the right strap.  I have recently been experiencing a bit of pain in my left shoulder while playing my bass.  Typically this occurs after I have been standing and wearing my bass for more than an hour.  Part of the problem is that my current go to bass, my Fender P Deluxe, weighs 9.6lbs.  When practicing at home I am normally sitting down, so it’s not so much a problem, but when rehearsing with the band I am on my feet for two plus hours.  Ultimately I have come to realize that I need to quit procrastinating and start exercising, with an emphasis on doing targeted exercises aimed at increasing my shoulder strength.  Building up muscle will take some time, however, so in order to get a quick fix to get me through I started taking a closer look at bass straps. read more