Joseph Patrick Moore – Nevada Sun

With his latest release, Nevada Sun, Joseph Patrick Moore has created a true solo album. As well as playing all of the instruments, Moore programs, arranges and produces all eleven tracks himself.  Recorded in his home studio, “Abstract Truth Recording Studios”, the album features six originals and five cover songs.  
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Joseph Patrick Moore – Decade II 2006-2015


Decade II- 2006-2015

One of the very first album reviews I did on was for Joseph Patrick Moore’s excellent album To Africa With Love. Since that review I have become quite a fan of Moore’s music.  Moore’s uplifting and energetic bass lines have earned him a top spot among my favorite bass players.


Decade II 2006-2015 is a remastered compilation of Moore’s compositions recorded between 2006 through 2015.  Some of the remastered tracks have an added EDM element, giving the songs a fresh new feel and taking them in new directions.

Blue Canoe Records will be releasing “Decade II 2006-2015” on June 24th. Decade II is a remastered CD of composition’s recorded between 2006 through 2015 and is a compilation follow up to “Decade 1996-2005” released in 2006.

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