Regaining Focus


I have often heard that the key to achieving your goals is focus.  It’s a simple concept really, but one that I can’t say that I have put much stock in, until recently that is.  Lately I have found when I start to do something creative I am easily distracted.  Sometimes I feel like I am almost looking for things to sidetrack me.  I may have every intention to play my bass, but I keep inventing road blocks to keep me from it.  Mundane things, like it’s too cold, or hot, or I don’t have enough time to devote to it today so why bother.  It’s always something.  I know I am just procrastinating, but I am not sure why.  Fortunately I am starting to recognize when I am doing this, which to me is the first step in breaking this bad habit. read more

7 Tips For Overcoming Learning Blocks


The dreaded “Learning Block”, at some point we all have one. Characterized as a point that you just can’t seem to move beyond. It may occur while trying to learn a new concept or technique, or maybe a new song. You get to a certain level and you just can seem to move beyond it. You become frustrated and have the urge to give up, to walk away. read more