Fender Mustang Bass – Experimenting With Strings

Fender Mustang Bass

Fender Mustang Bass

Recently I have rediscovered my love for my Fender Mustang Bass.  You may remember a while back that I was having some minor shoulder issues and as a results I was tending to play my lighter weight basses, one of which is my Mustang.  I seem to flip-flop a lot with this bass, either loving the playability of the 30″ scale and how effortless it feels to play, or feeling cramped and somewhat dissatisfied with the tone.  As I am currently in a “The Mustang Bass is the best bass ever” sort of mood I have been trying out different sets of strings, paying close attention to my tone.
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Review: Fender Mustang Bass

Alright, I received my Fender Mustang Bass and here is my review:

First Impressions:
Wow!  This thing looks sexy.  It looks shorter than I thought it would.  Damn the neck is fast, and it sounds good unamplified.  First I plugged it into my Bass POD which was set to the Eden amp,  Sounds good.  Next I dialed it to the Ampeg SVT setting and man what a fat tone I got, I’m loving it.  Alright, a little reality check, I plugged it into my Behringer Thunderbird practice amp (8″ speaker).  This thing even sounds good through my crappy little practice amp, nice warm tone.  So far I am impressed!  Fit and finish look great, I got it used so there is some pick scratched on the pick guard and a lacquer chip on the very top of the headstock, but otherwise this thing looks fantastic.  I got the Vintage White one. read more