New Pickguard For My Jazz Bass

I received and installed the new white pickguard for my Jazz Bass and now feel that this project is complete.  Personally I think it looks pretty cool and am really digging the new neck.  For those of you keeping score, we have here a Mexican Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Body with Noiseless Pickups, a Gotoh 201 Bridge, a Squier Vintage Modified 70’s Jazz Neck, and a White Pickguard.  Geddy Lee eat your heart out!
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My Neck Replacement Adventure – Fender Jazz Deluxe Meets Squier Vintage Modified

Recently I started to notice that the neck on my Fender Jazz Deluxe was feeling a bit rough near the top of the skunk stripe.  The first thing I did was thoroughly clean the back of the neck, thinking it might be dirt or something.  No dice, still rough.  Upon closer inspection I realized that the trouble seemed to be right at the seam of the skunk stripe and the neck, in fact it felt rough at the very top of the stripe and down the lower side about an inch or so.  Well, this alarmed me as I was afraid the truss rod might be popping out, but the rest of the stripe seems stable.  I decided not to mess with it, I’d been playing my P-Bass more lately anyway, so I’d just live with it. read more