Gear Review: DR Strings Sunbeam Nickel Plated Round Core

With all the hype surrounding DR Strings I thought It was about time that I gave them a try. As that I normally prefer nickel strings I figured I’d play it safe and try out a set of the Sunbeam Nickel Plated Round Core’s.  I picked up a set of the 105 gauge and put them on my P-Bass.  So you know, I’m not a big fan of new strings as they typically have a bit more zing than I like.  I found that the Sunbeams are no exception to this, and seem a bit too bright for my liking when brand new, hopefully they will settle with age. They do feel great under the fingers, perhaps due to them having a round core, plus they don’t seem to chew up the fingers like a lot of new strings do. The tension is nice, not stiff at all.

Tone wise they have more of a slap tone to them, there is definitely a high end presence, and the mids seemed to be scooped a bit.  When playing with a pick they really come to life with a great modern tone.  I am mainly a finger style player, but have to admit these strings sound great when played with a pick.  Playing finger style they are a bit to bright for my tastes, lacking the fat warmth that I look for.  Overall they seem to be a very versatile string, capable of working for an array of styles.

After having them on my bass for a few weeks, they have settled a bit, but I’m still not happy with the tone.  Normally I use D’Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound strings and have to admit that I prefer them over these DR’s.  I’ll leave them on for now as that they are starting to grow on me a bit, but as for now, I can’t see buying another set.