Craigslist Rant

I am so disappointed in what Craigslist has become. I recently put a bass up for sale and got nothing but spam responses, trying to swindle me in one way or another. There was a time when I lived and breathed Craigslist. I bought and sold gear & household items, posted and answered ads for band members and even found my current job in the help wanted section. Now I’m afraid to post anything. It’s funny because when I put the ad up for my bass my wife told me I was crazy and not to give out our address or have people come over or anything like that, and you know what, she was right! I know better than to invite total strangers over to my house to check out gear, especially since I have children, but really, the service is basically unusable to me now. It is so sad that what used to be such a great service has turned into a predatory environment.