Chris Tarry Lessons

ChrisTarryLessonsChrisTarryThese days bass players have such a wide array of teaching tools it is simply amazing.  When I started playing you either got a book or took lessons from a more experienced player, and those were pretty much your only two options.  Now we have books, videos, private lessons, Skype lessons, YouTube videos, Apps, and an increasing amount of Online Lesson sites. Falling into this new category, Juno Award winning bassist, Chris Tarry, has recently launched  

When arriving at Chris Tarry Lessons you are presented with a brief intro of what the site is about followed by previews of his latest lessons.  Clicking on the “Lessons Map” link in the heading takes you to a categorized list of all the lesson’s Chris has to offer.  Lesson topics include Theory, Ear Training, Slap, Walking, Soloing, Fretless, Choosing Gear, Changing Strings and many, many more.   

Overall the site has a minimalistic feel with everything laid out very cleanly and clearly, making the site easy to navigate.  Digging into the video lessons I found that Chris has a great way of explaining concepts in a clear, understandable way.  I worked with several of the lessons from beginner to advance and found each lesson to be well focused and concise.  Most of the lessons hover around 10 minutes, which makes them super easy to digest and fit into your practice routine.

Chris has recently decided to run his site on a donation model, opening it up to everyone, free!  With over 150 instructional videos, backing tracks, interviews, and more, Chris Tarry Lessons is now one of the largest free bass resources on the web. Sign up for Chris’ Newsletter and he will send you a link to download his e-book “The Bass Players Companion” as well as a some backing tracks to help you work through the video lessons.   

Donate $20 or more and Chris will send you a link to download every one of his award-winning solo albums (nine total), the sheet music to virtually every song on every album, plus he’ll include an additional fifteen albums he has played on, some of which have never been released.  That’s a total of 24 albums with accompanying sheet music for less than a buck per album.  Donations help Chris to keep his site free and continue to create music, so if you find his lessons valuable to you please consider donating.

Chris Tarry is one of the busiest bassists in New York CIty and a veteran of the modern jazz super-group Metalwood.  His current ensemble, The Chris Tarry Group has been called “one of the best jazz groups working today” by All About Jazz.  Chris’ concepts and original approach to teaching music are a fantastic resource.  For the beginning bass player Chris Tarry Lessons will provide you with the foundation you need to succeed.  More seasoned players looking to brush up on their skills or take their playing to the next level will find plenty useful information as well.  If you want to improve on your instrument, do yourself a favor and check out