7 Tips For Overcoming Learning Blocks


The dreaded “Learning Block”, at some point we all have one. Characterized as a point that you just can’t seem to move beyond. It may occur while trying to learn a new concept or technique, or maybe a new song. You get to a certain level and you just can seem to move beyond it. You become frustrated and have the urge to give up, to walk away. read more

Playing Outside the Comfort Zone

Now that I am regularly playing with a band again I am increasingly finding myself outside of my comfort zone. The funny thing is that I love it! I have had to learn 30 plus songs in a short period of time, been asked to sing backup vocals, including 3-part harmonies. I spend hours learning songs only to find out at practice that we are playing half of them in a different key. I work on a handful of songs at home to get them down only to come to practice and have two new ones thrown at me and then work through songs I haven’t even touched in a week or so.  Hell they had me singing lead vocals on a song as I was learning it, now I knew how the song went as that it’s a song I have listened to many times but still, I normally prefer to learn a song, get it down pact and then learn the vocal if I have to sing it. read more

Where the Twain Shall Meet: Returning to Teach Me Bass Guitar

Funny thing happened to me while studying music theory, after a certain point things stopped making sense to me. I was fine with Intervals, Triads, Seventh Chords, and have even improved my music reading ability, but when I started studying modes I began to feel lost. After reviewing modes a few times, and still not really getting it, I decided to crack open my Teach Me Bass Guitar book to remind myself what Lesson 13 had in store for me. You may recall that upon completion of Lesson 12 I had decided to take a break from TMBG to go back and shore up my music theory knowledge via the International Institute of Bassists Music Theory course as well as a couple of other books that I have picked up along the way. Well, low and behold, what you know, Lesson 13 of TMBG is all about the Diatonic Modes! read more