GHS Strings Bass Guitar Tension Charts

GHS Strings has added a very cool bass string tension guide PDF to their website.  The guide features information on how to calculate string tension, a frequency chart, tension specifications for all of their bass string sets and singles, plus a few other GHS Strings facts.  

Bass Guitar String Guide

Official Press Release:

Battle Creek, MI, 8th March 2016 – GHS Strings is pleased to announce updated Tension charts for Bass guitar strings are now available FREE on their website. GHS Strings is one of the few companies to offer such comprehensive information with layouts that include single strings as well. read more

Review: Rotosound Swing Bass 66 Nickel – 5 String Set


There was a time, early on in my bass playing years, that the only strings I would use where Rotosounds.  To be honest, I don’t remember which exact strings they were, all I recall is that they came in an orange package, that the E string was .105 gauge and that they tore the crap out my fingers and frets.  At the time I really had no inkling of what the differences in strings were.  Steel, nickel, roundwound, flatwound, I just played whatever was on my bass and when I needed a new set I’d buy a set of Rotosounds. Looking back, I’d have to guess I was using Stainless Steels, which accounts for the loss of finger skin and fret metal.   read more

Fender Mustang Bass – Experimenting With Strings

Fender Mustang Bass

Fender Mustang Bass

Recently I have rediscovered my love for my Fender Mustang Bass.  You may remember a while back that I was having some minor shoulder issues and as a results I was tending to play my lighter weight basses, one of which is my Mustang.  I seem to flip-flop a lot with this bass, either loving the playability of the 30″ scale and how effortless it feels to play, or feeling cramped and somewhat dissatisfied with the tone.  As I am currently in a “The Mustang Bass is the best bass ever” sort of mood I have been trying out different sets of strings, paying close attention to my tone.
read more

Giving Piccolo Bass A Try


A few months back while reviewing a couple of Brian Bromberg albums for Bass Players United, I was inspired to give Piccolo Bass a try.  Although it sounds great with a set of flats on it, I decided that my Rogue VB100 would be the bass I would use.  I hadn’t been playing it too much and figured maybe I would breath new life into it, plus, being short scale, and hollow bodied, I figured it would lend itself well to this task. read more

Gear Review: D’Addario Nylon Tapewound Strings

I’m always amazed with the difference a new set of strings can make on your bass.  From the bright zing of a new set of Steel Wounds to the thump of a set of Flats, strings allow us to dramatically change our tone in a quick, easy way.  My preference has mainly been Nickel Round Wounds, though I have always felt they are just a tad bit brighter than I like, especially when brand new.  While I do enjoy playing flats from time to time, I often find them lacking the tone I desire as well.  For these reason’s I decided to give D’Addario’s new Nylon Tapewounds a try. read more

Gear Review: DR Strings Sunbeam Nickel Plated Round Core

With all the hype surrounding DR Strings I thought It was about time that I gave them a try. As that I normally prefer nickel strings I figured I’d play it safe and try out a set of the Sunbeam Nickel Plated Round Core’s.  I picked up a set of the 105 gauge and put them on my P-Bass.  So you know, I’m not a big fan of new strings as they typically have a bit more zing than I like.  I found that the Sunbeams are no exception to this, and seem a bit too bright for my liking when brand new, hopefully they will settle with age. They do feel great under the fingers, perhaps due to them having a round core, plus they don’t seem to chew up the fingers like a lot of new strings do. The tension is nice, not stiff at all. read more