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Hello and thank you for reading my blogs and following along as I work my way through Roy Vogt’s Teach Me Bass Guitar.  As I’ve gotten more and more into writing this blog I have decided to transition from my site to my own hosted site.  I would like to introduce you to .  I will continue blogging about my experience with the course on my new site as well as other bass related topics.  I am still working out a few kinks on the new site so you may see a change here or there in the coming weeks, but for all intents and purposes it is now live and operational.  For the mean time I will continue to post to both sites but at some point I will most likely make the full transition over to .   As always, comments and suggestions are much appreciated.  Thanks for checking out the new site.

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  1. Hi! My name is Minmei, from North LA. I’m learning guitar for 9 months now using the Learn and Master guitar. I really love the teacher, Steve in that DVD series AND playing electric guitar. However my brothers band needs a extra bassist, they like my singing too, so . . . and the other bassist is giving me lessons but he’s in college and busy.

    I’m still in high school so I can’t go to a professional teacher. And music only teaches singing and band / orchestra instruments . . . But I’ve checked out reviews and this is similar to Lean and Master Guitar so I’m going to get my parents to get it for an Easter present. Thanks so much, you really helped realize this course is good!!

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