Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp – Prep Work

FBBC2013LogoNashvilleThe official student prep work has begun for Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp, which I am excited to be a part of this July.  Back in December Roy Vogt and the good folks at The Learning Dock and Teach Me Bass Guitar, sent out a survey to us campers to learn a bit more about each of us in order to help craft the lessons/music for Bass Camp.  While we’ve been waiting for our pre-camp materials, we have received a few housekeeping emails to keep us informed along the way, as well as tips and suggestions on what we need to bring with us, such as a strap, cables, a headphone amp, and of course, a bass!

Last week, with just under 4 months to go until Fantasy Bass Boot Camp, we received an email with links to our pre-camp learning materials.  Consisting of a customized PDF workbook, containing exercises and music for nine songs, plus MP3 versions of each of the songs, we are now equipped to start our journey.  Each song is in a different style, and we are to choose one or two which we will ultimately play live at TMBG’s Bass Showcase a the Rutledge as well as record in studio at the Sound Emporium.  I have yet to dig into the full package, but already have a pretty good sense of which songs I want to tackle.

Now the fun begins as I start working on the materials in eager anticipation for my time in Nashville.  With my tight schedule it is going to take a lot of discipline to get these songs down while continuing to work on the lesson 13 and beyond of Teach Me Bass Guitar, plus keep up with my band.  Fortunately I have gotten better at focusing on my goals and my excitement level is high.  I’ll be sure to post from time to time as I progress and will give you a full report on Bass Camp as I experience it.  Guess it’s time to get back to the old Woodshed!

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