Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp – Day 3

Another great day of classes at Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp. Today my group spent the day with the man himself, Roy Vogt, working more with scales and modes. We talked about different ways to work through them to keep them interesting and how to utilize the Circle of Fourths. Next we worked on using modes to play improvised solos over chords. This was particularly useful to me as the song Roy chose to use as a demonstration is the one I plan to perform at The Rutledge on Thursday. Combined with what Adam taught us yesterday I am definitely feeling that I can pull off the solo I have been stressing over.

After lunch we spent a bit of time on the mechanics of playing slap & pop. This is one of my weakest areas, so I was glad to get some first hand advice from Roy on the subject. I now feel that I have the tools I need to take up the challenge again and may even go back and work through Lesson 9 of TMBG again, which is huge for me!

We finished up todays session working on note studies. Roy wants us to get away from relying on TAB and showed us how to look for patterns, shapes and other signs that will help us read faster. He also pointed out a few shortcuts and how to use them. My reading skills are pretty minimal so I know this is an area I need to spend some more time on.

All in all I have to say that I had another great day. I learned so much from Roy and feel like I am ready to tackle some of the areas I have shied away from. He actually got me to the point where I can play the first 8 bars of a slap song I didn’t think I would ever learn. I am feeling so much better about my playing ability and skill level. It is great to spend some time with other players who are roughly at the same level as me. I don’t feel so overwhelmed or alone anymore, as it seems most of the other players have run into the same sort of problems that I have. Today was definitely a great confidence booster for me.

As I write this I am just getting back from our 7pm-9pm practice session. Well is started out as a practice session anyway, that is until Stu Hamm showed up! Stu wasn’t going to play for us tonight but after watching one of Roy’s younger students play one of his songs he decided to run back to his room for his bass. While he was gone Roy and Sean O’Bryan Smith, whom had come out to see Stu, jammed out on a couple of tunes. Stu returned to give us a quick lesson on harmonics then jammed through a couple of numbers. It was freaking unbelievable! Just to be in a small room with about 15 people watching Roy, Sean and Stu play was truly amazing.

Tomorrow we have sessions with Stu for most of the day and then David & Roy are taking us all out to Wooten Woods to hang with Victor Wooten and his campers for the evening. Not sure if I will get a post out tomorrow, but will try. Additionally, Victor is planning on bringing his campers to see us play at The Rutledge on Thursday which I am sure will be a memorable night. Friday we will spend half the day in the recording studio and half the day with Anthony Wellington. I seriously don’t know how this week could get any better!


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