Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp – Day 1

Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp officially kicked off today in Nashville with a meet and greet concert and catered Southern dinner at The Rutledge. When I arrived at the Opryland Hotel earlier in the day, I quickly found our host Barbara Crossman of the Learning Dock who got me squared away with my room and course materials. I then spent a little time getting my bearings in this huge hotel before heading down to our designated meeting spot to catch a shuttle to The Rutledge.

Once we had all arrived at The Rutledge we were greeted by a warm welcome from David and Barbara Crossman. Several of this years attendees were here last year so there was already a great sense of camaraderie, additionally, most of us know each other virtually via ThunderRow which resulted in a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Throughout the evening we were treated to music from singer/songwriter/Grammy award-winning pianist Will Barrow who was accompanied by ThunderRow’s Alona and Roy for a couple of numbers, David Crossman, who performed a couple of soulful numbers on acoustic guitar, and of course, Roy and the TMBG Band.

All in all in was a great way to kick off bass camp! Much of my fears have already been erased after speaking with almost all of the other attendees. There is such a laid back, family friendly vibe going on that you just can’t be nervous. I can’t wait until we start our class sessions Monday morning!


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  1. Thanks so much for writing about Bass Camp. I am planning on attending next summer, and this is certainly a great teaser. Have a blast!

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