Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp 2104

It is almost here!  Roy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp 2014 is only one month away! I Can’t wait to head back to Nashville to spend an entire week solely devoted to playing bass.   Looking at the agenda it looks to be a phenomenal week;  Technique, Theory, Style, Jazz, Ear Training and more.  So much to learn and absorb in one week, but with Roy, Adam Nitti, Anthony Wellington and Tim Smith as our instructors, I know we will be in good hands.

We will once again be playing live with the TMBG band at the Rutledge this year, and I have been diligently working on my chosen song.  I mostly have the song down at this point, but my solo can still use a little work.  This year I am definitely feeling more confident going in, which I attribute to the supportive atmosphere I experienced last year, as well as the skills and knowledge I brought home.  There is talk of returning to Wooten Woods for an evening again, which was truly one of the highlights from last year so I’m really hoping this happens.  I am sure Roy will have a couple other surprises in store for us as well throughout the week.

Last year my Fender Jazz bass made the journey with me, this year I have decided it will be my Lakland Skyline 44-01.  I’ve been playing my Lakland almost exclusively for the past 9 or so months and couldn’t ask for a more versatile bass to take to camp.  I guess it’s time to start thinking about what else I need to take with me, strings, cables, tuners, etc.  Last year I relied on my cell phone for pictures and my iPad for blogging, but this year I plan to do it right and take my DSLR camera and a laptop.  I haven’t decided if I will blog everyday as I did last year, but will definitely post a coupe times while I am there.

This year will be somewhat bittersweet as Roy is saying that they will most likely not be doing Bass Camp again in 2015.  I plan to keep that in mind and try to get the most out of the week that I can.  I am looking forward to seeing some of the friends I met last year, meeting some of the folks I’ve met online and meeting some new friends while I am there.  One of the best parts of Bass Camp is getting together with a group of like-minded individuals, all focused, if only for one week, on the same thing.  The friendly, supportive atmosphere puts ones mind at ease, letting our inner bass geek emerge.  Did I mention I can’t wait to go!!

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  1. Looking forward to going this year instead of reading your blog from home! I think I have the nervous jitters you suffered last year…I feel I’ve gotten worse instead of better. See you soon.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! This time last year I was in full panic mode. It really is a fun & supportive atmosphere once you get there so don’t fret about it too much. I’m sure you’ll do great. I look forward to meeting you in person, see you in Nashville!

  3. Hi Stanton. Great blog! Everything is coming together nicely and, as per last year’s students request, Camp is going to be workshop intensive. If you’re fingers aren’t ready to drop off by week’s end, well, you’ve got mighty strong fingers! The trip to Wooten Woods is a go, and who knows who might turn up? And Victor and his campers will be at the Rutledge to cheer you on as they were last year. It’s going to be a lot of fun – and it’s only three weeks away!

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