Recap – Lessons 5 thru 8 – Teach Me Bass Guitar

Alright, 8 down, 12 to go!  I thought for consistency sake that I would go ahead and do a quick recap of lessons 5 thru 8 as I did with lessons 1 thru 4.  I am really seeing results now, which is the best motivation I could ever get.

Lesson 5 introduces us to syncopations and how to use the foot tap method to assist us in playing on the down and up beats.  Roy then gives us a quick run down of a basic drum kit and provides some tips on playing with a drummer.  There is a lot of great information to absorb in this lesson and Roy does an excellent job at breaking it down into easily digestible bits.

Lesson 6 has us playing swing and shuffle styles sprinkled with a handful of jazz solo licks.  This lesson digs deep into music theory, which I think I am finally starting to understand, at least a little bit.  Lesson 6 finishes up with a number called “Don’t Be Bop” which is a tough one to master.  I run through “Don’t Be Bop” every time I pick up the bass and it has taken me about 3 months to get it down.

Lesson 7 moves us into the intermediate portion of the course, so things start to move a bit faster here.  This lesson focuses on working in the 9th position and builds upon the 8th note syncopations we learned in lesson 5 by applying the same syncopations to 16th notes.  This lesson seemed more rushed and complex to me than any of the previous, I actually had to review it two or three times to really grasp the concepts presented.

Lesson 8 starts out by showing us how to “connect the neck” by tying all of the notes from frets 1 to 12 together using “L Shapes”, Octaves” and “Triads”.  We then learn about “Double Stops”, “10ths”, and “Power Chords” and talk a little about Stanley Clarke’s technique.  The lessons are definitely starting to get more complicated now, and I am enjoying the challenge.

At this point I can honestly say that my playing and technique has greatly improved.  I no longer dread practicing, I crave it.  I do still struggle with finding the time to do everything that I want to, but am getting better at time management as well.  My confidence is high, and my playing focused.  This course has inspired me to learn more about music theory and I continue to work on my note reading skills.

On a related note, I am glad to see that the Thunder Row website is really starting to shape up and have been enjoying the community interaction therein.  It is very motivating to read the forums and interact with others who are working on the Teach Me Bass Guitar Course.

Looking ahead, it seems lesson 9 is all about Slap and Pop, a technique I have been wanting to learn for years.  Not sure how I have played this long and not learned to the proper way to do it, but I have. Needless to say, I am very excited!!

Keep it low.

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  1. Hello Stanton –

    Just checking in to let you know how much we appreciate your diligent and thorough review of TMBG. I would like to feature you in our next member bio. If that’s acceptable, would you send me a couple of paragraphs about yourself, and a picture, if you don’t mind.

    David Crossman

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