Prepping for Bass Camp

SKB Hard shell caseRoy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp is a little over a week away and I have been prepping my gear in eager anticipation. I decided to make the journey with my Fender Jazz Deluxe as I have been preferring the thinner neck lately. One of my big worries was how to safely transport my bass from San Francisco to Nashville and after much deliberation I decided to go with a good hard shell case. I picked up an SKB 44Pro case which fits my Jazz like a glove. It has a nice plush lining, reinforced TSA locking trigger latches and is fairly lightweight for a hard case. Ultimately I would prefer to gate check it, but if not I can at least have the piece of mind that it is well protected.

As for songs, I’ve learned two at this point. To me they seem like the two easiest and I am okay with that. I want this to be a fun, learning experience, so I chose not to pick a difficult piece that I would end of stressing over as to whether I could pull it off or not. As it stands, one of the songs I chose has a solo that I have been working on non-stop. I have the song down, that’s the easy part, but I am in no way a soloist. My current practice routine has me solely focusing on playing an improvised solo along with the track. Additionally, I have been using backing tracks in the same key to help build up my solo chops. My confidence is still a bit shaky, so hopefully in the next week things will improve a bit more.

I have a whole list of things I need to bring, from notebooks and music paper to batteries and cables. I’ve started putting some of it together and at this point I think I have everything I need. This time next week I’ll most likely start packing! When I decided to go to bass camp last fall it seemed so far in the future, but I honestly can’t believe how fast it snuck up on me. I am so looking forward to a whole week devoted to playing bass!


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