NorCal Jazz Presents the JazzDeck â„¢


After reading Brian Fox’s glowing editorial about the JazzDeck in the May issue of Bass Player Magazine, I decided to order a set and check it out for myself.  Visually, the JazzDeck is a thing of beauty.  The cards are well laid out and easy to read and include a couple of instructional cards to hep you get up to speed quickly.  Music theory is an area I am constantly trying to improve in, so for me the JazzDeck seems like the perfect tool to help me start incorporating theory concepts into my playing.  Once I’ve spent some quality time with the deck I will post a full review, but for now here is the official press release:

NorCal Jazz Presents the JazzDeckâ„¢

Textbook in a Box: The FASTEST Way To Sound Great Playing Jazz
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 13, 2014) – NorCal Jazz is proud to introduce the JazzDeck, a musical “textbook in a box” that helps players of all levels build confidence and sharpen their chops as jazz soloists.

In the classroom, on the bandstand, or at home in the woodshed, the JazzDeck enables students, teachers, and professionals to explore melodic ideas crucial to any chord they might encounter, whether on a simmering ballad or a burning bebop standard. By breaking down the complex-and often overwhelming-lexicon of jazz into tangible tidbits of musical information, the JazzDeck arms players with the know-how they need to sound great.

Comprised of 54 high-grade playing cards color-coded by chord type, the JazzDeck systematically illustrates the ways to excel as a soloist. Each card presents players with the basic notes necessary to sound good over a given chord, followed by those they need to know to sound great. With its elegant presentation and multi-dimensional, non-notation platform, the JazzDeck is especially suited to players of any stage who might find traditional music notation and theory intimidating.

With inspiring quotations from landmark musicians and brilliant thinkers on each card, the JazzDeck is a classroom-ready textbook, meeting Common Core Standards by inviting interdisciplinary discussion.

A powerful tool for students, teachers, and professionals, the JazzDeck is poised to become the next big thing in jazz education.

Also offered in Japanese and German, the JazzDeck is available for $19.95 at


About NorCal Jazz

A seasoned professional on stage and in the classroom, NorCal Jazz founder and JazzDeck author Brian Switzer has an award-winning track record of teaching students privately and in public schools, and has toured as a featured trumpet player in such bands as Train, Muse, and O.A.R. For more information, visit

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