New Practice Routine for 2012

In an attempt to get myself to hunker down and get a handle on music theory, and to break myself from some bad habits that I have developed, I decided to revamp my practice routine.  As you see my primary focus will be on learning and practicing the foundations, while continuing to work on Teach Me Bass Guitar.  As always, this will be a work in progress, allowing me to tweak things as needed.  I’ve already gone through this routine a couple of times now and am realizing that I know more than I gave myself credit for.  My hope is that this more rounded routine will keep me on track and allow me to advance in TMBG while continuing to work on the basics.


  1. Theory – Mainly working out of “Essential Music Theory for Bass”
  2. Warmup – Working out of “Bass Fitness” Book
  3. Scales – Mainly working out of the “Bass Guitar Scale Manual”
  4. Bass Aerobics – Working out of Jon Liebman’s book
  5. Teach Me Bass Guitar Lessons
  6. Sight Reading/Ear Training – Various sites & iPad Apps
  7. Free Jam – Playing along to my iTunes library

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