Lesson 9 – Teach Me Bass Guitar – Learning to Slap

Lesson 9 of Teach Me Bass Guitar introduces us to the art of slap and pop, a skill I never really bothered to pick up.  Upon starting the video I quickly realized that I need to hunker down and learn how to slap before I can move on.  I was only 7 minutes into the lesson when I had to stop it. Seriously, things just got difficult for me.  I need to learn a new skill here and it is probably going to take me some time.  I need to master the basics of slap and pop presented in the first 15 minutes of this lesson before I can even think about moving on.  I’m actually pretty excited about it as this is a skill I have been looking to acquire for quite some time.  I envision many a night ahead of me slapping away trying to improve my technique and accuracy.

Hopefully this doesn’t hold me up to much.  I knew at some point I would reach the edge of my limits and have to slow down before pushing ahead and I guess, for me, Lesson 9 is that point.  If things progress slower than I expect I will post a progress report.  Have no fear, I will get through Lesson 9 and post my full review.  Until then I will be trying to “slappa da bass”.

To read about my journey with Teach Me Bass Guitar from the beginning start here:  http://wp.me/pRvjK-h

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