Lesson 9 Redux – Teach Me Bass Guitar

Slap BassI’m not much of a competitive person, but I don’t like to feel defeated.  If you’ve been following along you may recall that Lesson 9 of Teach Me Bass Guitar left me feeling a little bruised and battered.  I don’t know what it was, but I just couldn’t get the feel for playing slap style and eventually gave up and moved on.  I’ve always regretted that and now feel that it has, in some ways, held me back.

Although I moved on from the lesson, I did continue, from time to time, to work on playing slap. Slowly but surely I have gotten myself to a point where I don’t feel so intimidated by it any longer.  When I first went through lesson 9 I had never played slap style before so it was all new to me.  Since then I have honed my right hand technique so I at least have the mechanics of it down.  Now, with the help of Roy, I hope to finally get myself up to speed in this area.

As you may recall, after bass camp last August, on the advice of Tim Smith, I decided to start the entire Teach Me Bass Guitar course over again.  At that point I was on lesson 13, and was starting to feel like I was in a bit over my head so it seemed like a brilliant idea to me.  Since then I have worked my way back up to Lesson 9 and am ready & raring to take it on!

I’ve started working on the exercises Roy presents in the first part of the lesson and already feel like I am making headway.  The first time I watched lesson 9 I had to stop the video less than 10 minutes in and work on my technique before gong any further. This time I was able to hang with it through all of the exercises.  Now I am working through them at my own pace until I feel I am ready to start working on the two songs in the lesson.  

As that I seem to learn best by drawing from multiple sources I have also pulled out my old copy of Tony Oppenheim’s Slap It: Funk Studies for the Electric Bass – BK/CD
and Ed Friedland’s Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide to get me up to speed.  Scott Devine has a couple of Slap Bass tutorials on ScottsBassLessons.com that I intend to check out as well.  With so many great resources I can’t possibly fail this time!



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