Lesson 7 – Teach Me Bass Guitar

Lesson 7 of Teach Me Bass Guitar takes us into the 9th position, focusing on playing between the 9th and 13th frets.  At just 47 minutes, lesson 7 seems more rushed to me than previous lessons.  In fact, I had to watch through the video twice to really grasp the concepts presented.  This lesson seems to jump around more as well.  Not sure why, maybe the editing has more jump cuts than normal as I did notice a few oddities, which I will cover shortly.

So, what is lesson 7 all about?  First we build upon the 8th note syncopation’s we learned in lesson 5 by applying the same syncopation’s to 16th notes.  Next we move on to the “Upper Deck”, the notes from 9th to 13th frets.  I must admit, this is not an area of the neck I visit on a regular basis, so I have found the exercises presented here very useful.  From here we move into the first tune “The One Spot”, another funky James Brown inspired number.  This tune introduces us to the concept of 10th’s as well as the use of Octaves.  The bass line is a bit busier here and at first glance seemed rather daunting, but after working through it a couple of times, recognizing the patterns, it almost seems simple!  As I mentioned earlier there is a bit of funkiness with the editing in this lesson.  For example, Roy plays through measures 9 & 10 and then goes on to explain measure 11 as if he had just played through it, which he hadn’t, and never mention measures 9 & 10.  He concludes his spiel on measure 11 saying we will play through it a couple of times, then only plays it once and moves on to measure 12.  After a quick explanation of measure 12 he proceeds to play through the entire number.  At one point it is almost as if Roy is lost himself, I know I sure was.

The second number “Funky in the Phonepoles” builds upon what we learned in “The One Spot” and gives us a quick lesson on reading notes in the upper register as well as giving us a brief example of “Hammer On’s”.  Again, this section seems rushed, perhaps as we are now suppose to be into the Intermediate area of the course Roy no longer feels the need to completely explain every element involved.  I guess we’ll find out in the upcoming lessons.  I do realize that even though the lesson seemed rushed to me, after reviewing it a couple of times everything did make sense.  By the end of my second pass through the entire lesson I had the basic elements to both tunes down, but was not yet ready to play along with the band.  At this point I am very satisfied with my progress and will likely move on to Lesson 8 in another week, which you will of course be able to read about here.  Until then, keep it low.

To read this series from the beginning start here:  http://wp.me/pRvjK-h

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  1. Yes, I am still here. Sorry for the delay, my life seems to have gotten very busy lately. I have started working on Lesson 8 and am hoping to have my thoughts on it up in the next day or so, if not tonight! Thanks for following and I will endeavor to stay up with the course in a more timely manner.

  2. Just read your blog for the first time…a reference from Thunder Row re. Lesson 7, which I started last week. I agree with your assessment that once you understand the music, “The One Spot” is not that difficult. The challenge for me is to play it cleanly, at speed, with the band. This will just take some time.

    I also agree with your assessment that Roy makes the assumption our learning curve is exponential. I’m curious about what he would have us practice to suppliment his instruction ie. scales, triads,
    sevenths, 4th’s, 5th’s, chord inversions…? Yet perhaps he ties it all together in future lessons.

  3. Hey Greg,

    It does take a bit to get up to speed cleanly when playing The One Spot, but once you’re there, it sure is a great feeling! Take is slow and increase as you can, you’ll get there!

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