Learning to Slap – Progress Report, Update 2

Okay, I am seriously frustrated at this point! In truth my slapping ability has improved, a little, and I am now working on the pop aspect as well. I have re-watched the first part of Lesson 9 a couple more times and each time gotten a little farther, but am not happy with my progress at this point. Part of my problem is that I don’t feel I have as much time as I would like to devote to practicing. My kids are on summer break and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get them to go to bed at a reasonable hour so I can sneak out to the garage and play bass. I’m lucky to get one good practice session in a week plus a couple of nights sitting on the couch with my bass while trying to wrangle two very active kids. I am starting to feel like I am having a mental block of sorts. My motivation is at an all time low and as I run through various exercises trying to learn how to slap and pop I find myself thinking “Why am I doing this? Is this something I really need to learn?” The answer is of course, YES! I want to learn how to play slap and pop, I am just having a really rough time getting there. Maybe I am over thinking this, maybe I need to create an all funk/slap playlist in iTunes and listen to that for motivation. You know, that’s a good idea, I think I’ll do that. As always, wish me luck and send me a few words of encouragement if you please.

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  1. I’m with you man. I hate slap and pop. Sometimes it’s really cool, but mainly I feel like it’s overdone. And it’s not my style. But, like you said, it’s good know.

  2. Thanks for the input Neil. I was watching a YouTube video with a guy slapping like crazy today and all I could think of was, Wow! Looks impressive but sounds like alot of clackity clack to me. I do enjoy a good slap line when it is tastefully done though.

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