Review: Joseph Patrick Moore – To Africa With Love

Joseph Patrick Moore’s latest effort, To Africa With Love is an extremely listenable and uplifting album. Available May 11th from your favorite music retailer, To Africa With Love kicks off with an especially tasty version of the The Meters “Fire on the Bayou” and continues to pump out positive vibes for 12 more tracks.   Moore’s articulate playing and strong sense of melody speak to his talent as a bassist and composer.  A solid album throughout I find that I often have one of the albums bass lines running through my head, most notably “Stained Glass Aura” and “Ubuntu”.  What I enjoy most about this album is the mood it puts me in.  No matter what my day has been like I can’t help but feel good while listening to it.  I definitely recommend you check it out.

To find out more about Joseph Patrick Moore visit his website:

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