Joseph Patrick Moore – Decade II 2006-2015

JPM_DecadeII_300x300Decade II- 2006-2015

One of the very first album reviews I did on was for Joseph Patrick Moore’s excellent album To Africa With Love. Since that review I have become quite a fan of Moore’s music.  Moore’s uplifting and energetic bass lines have earned him a top spot among my favorite bass players.


Decade II 2006-2015 is a remastered compilation of Moore’s compositions recorded between 2006 through 2015.  Some of the remastered tracks have an added EDM element, giving the songs a fresh new feel and taking them in new directions.

Blue Canoe Records will be releasing “Decade II 2006-2015” on June 24th. Decade II is a remastered CD of composition’s recorded between 2006 through 2015 and is a compilation follow up to “Decade 1996-2005” released in 2006.

For more info click here for the official Press Release



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