Happy Birthday Jaco!

Today we celebrate what would have been Jaco Pastorius’ 59th birthday.  I was first turned on to Jaco about a year before he died via an article in Guitar Player Magazine, back then Bass Player Magazine didn’t exist so us bassists had to glean what we could from Guitar Player.  Although I lived in a small town I somehow managed to get a cassette of Word of Mouth and was immediately in awe of what I was hearing.  I didn’t know a bass could sound like that, so melodic, so lyrical.

To Jaco, thanks for electrifying us with your music as well as inspiring many do yourself types to rip the frets out of their basses and seal them with a nice coat of epoxy.  You forever changed the role of the bass guitar and we salute you.

For more about Jaco Pastorius check out:


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  1. jaco es el jesucristo del bajo por eso le llamo jacocristo pastorius y linley marthe es el espiritu santo

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