Grooving with Hybrid Techniques – Enrico Galetta

Grooving with Hybrid Techniques
is an all new bass instructional book by Italian bassists Enrico Galetta.  The 55 page book covers five techniques:  Standard Slap, Double Thumb, Flamenco Slap, Muting and the Hybrid Style.  “Grooving with Hybrid Techniques” includes 100 exercises, plus 72 audio tracks and is available in standard book form or digitally as an ebook.

Throughout “Grooving with Hybrid Techniques” Galetta aims to help you create your own technique dictionary with a collection of bass grooves instructing you how to study, apply and combine these modern techniques with a hybrid approach to create more versatile bass lines. While the book is intended for beginning to advanced players, you’ll need to have some basic knowledge of the techniques presented in order to get the most out of the exercises.  

Galetta gets things started emphasizing the importance of practicing with a metronome before presenting a set of “Standard Slap” exercises focusing on control and dynamics.  The exercises start off focusing only on using the thumb, but quickly progress to using both the thumb and the pluck.  Once you’re grooving with the standard slap, we move on to the “Double Thumb” technique followed by the “Flamenco Slap” and finally, “Muting” techniques. Each exercise builds upon what has been learned in previous exercises.  The book concludes with a set exercises incorporating all of the techniques learned and how to effectively use them together to create your own “Hybrid” style.  

“Grooving with Hybrid Techniques” covers a lot of ground in its short 55 pages, but it does so very effectively.  The simple exercises will benefit anyone looking to improve their playing, and for the bassist who really wants to hone his slap chops, “Grooving with Hybrid Techniques” may just be the ticket!

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