First Impressions – Teach Me Bass Guitar

My first stop on my journey was the website: .  Here You will find general information about the course and Roy Vogt as well as a couple of sample lesson’s.  The website looks pretty slick and has all the basic info about the course including how to purchase it.  Should you decide to purchase the course you can choose to split the purchase price into 3 equal payments, which is a cool feature if funds are tight.  On the site there is a link called “Thunder Row” which looks to be a social type website for bassists.  Upon clicking the link for Thunder Row you are directed to a page that informs you that it is a work in progress and should be available “This Fall”, it then presents you with the option to sign up to receive an email letting you know when it is available.  I submitted my info and received an email a day or so later inviting me to check out the “Beta” version of the site.  I have checked it out and a lot of the links are not working yet, but it looks to be a cool bass oriented site and forum.

Shipping was pretty quick, I ordered it on a Monday and received it on Thursday.  the package consisted of a slick looking fold out cardboard case, like you get when you buy a CD Box set, containing 10 DVD’s.  My first thought was “Where’s the book”?  Upon closer inspection it turns out that the book is actually in PDF form and located on DVD #5.  Why #5, I have no idea, seems like an odd place to put it, but that’s where it is. The only written material included, besides the invoice, is writing on the DVD case which explains where the PDF books are located as well as a few other odds and ends.

I pop in DVD #5 which, of course opens up as a movie on my Mac.  I cancel out of DVD player and open the mounted disk and find a folder labeled “TMGB BOOK”.  Inside the folder are 21 separate PDF’s, 1 for each Chapter/Lesson, plus the Book Cover PDF.  At first I thought that breaking the PDF’s up this way was kind of lame, but now I actually like it.  For one you don’t have to wait for a huge PDF to open, and if you choose to print things out you can do it one Chapter at a time.  These PDF’s basically contain summaries of each lesson along with pertinent written material, such as notation and diagrams.  They are full color and all follow the same basic layout, which the DVD’s follow as well.

On to the Video.  Wow!  The production quality is pretty amazing on this.  The First lessons start out with a brief intro from a very lovely young lady who tells us how the DVD’s are going to work and what we should expect to see.  Throughout her spiel, as well as the lesson, there are pop up cartoon style blurbs with humorous remarks and trivia type info.  There is also a fretboard graphic which shows you which notes to play as you follow along with the lesson.  She also gives a brief description of the “Thunder Row” website.  Next we move on to a spiel from Roy talking a little more about the Course as well as offering up a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

So far, so good!  I am not disappointed in any way and am stoked to get started.  The DVD has a cool feel to it and my motivation level is high.  Wish me luck.

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