Review: Fender Mustang Bass

Alright, I received my Fender Mustang Bass and here is my review:

First Impressions:
Wow!  This thing looks sexy.  It looks shorter than I thought it would.  Damn the neck is fast, and it sounds good unamplified.  First I plugged it into my Bass POD which was set to the Eden amp,  Sounds good.  Next I dialed it to the Ampeg SVT setting and man what a fat tone I got, I’m loving it.  Alright, a little reality check, I plugged it into my Behringer Thunderbird practice amp (8″ speaker).  This thing even sounds good through my crappy little practice amp, nice warm tone.  So far I am impressed!  Fit and finish look great, I got it used so there is some pick scratched on the pick guard and a lacquer chip on the very top of the headstock, but otherwise this thing looks fantastic.  I got the Vintage White one.

Okay, so now I’ve played it constantly for about two weeks now and I still love this bass!  I put a set of D’Addario super light strings on it, not sure what was on it when I got it but the strings were obviously a heavier gauge.  After the string change I had much fret buzz so a truss rod adjustment was needed.  Well it turns out you have to completely remove the neck to get to the truss rod adjustment, what a major bummer.  Anyway, new strings and adjustment and she still plays like a dream.  Never really used strings this light and am still not sure if I like them or not but I am getting a decent tone with them so figure I’ll keep for a while.

The ultimate test, I took it to a jam session this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how well it sounded in the mix.  The combination of short scale and light strings makes for super fast action and playability.  Sorry P-Bass, the Mustang is my new favorite.  Just writing about makes me want to play her, I think I will!

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  1. I just won a Fender Mustang (white) guitar and Fender hard shell case on ebay and I am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. It’s supposed to be here in six days (coming from west coast and I’m on the east coast). I have read so many good things about this bass. I always wanted a Fender bass, but never could afford one. Started out on a Lafayette Electronics bass (very cheap bass back in 1969, maybe $29.95) which I traded for. when my mother realized that I could actually play bass, she got me a Gibson EBO and Fender Bassman amp for my 16th. birthday. What a great bass, short scale for my smaller hands, and the only bass that I played for the next 41 years (I still have it). When I discovered the Fender Mustang bass which is also a short scale, I knew that one day I would get one. Well, that day has finally arrived. This is the first thing that I ever bought on ebay and it’s supposed to be in mint condition. I saved about half of what a brand new one costs. This one is a 2005/2006 model. I was looking at buying a new one and they were back ordered everywhere! Then, someone on one of the forums stated that there were some good deals on basses on ebay. Well, there sure are. I signed up for ebay, found the auction for this bass, and started bidding. On the last day of the auction, we were having high winds, and wouldn’t you know it…my power went out! I panicked! When it came back on, there were only a few minutes left on the auction and I was still the high bidder. I counted down the seconds and…BAM! I won it! I am thrilled.

  2. Right on! If you are into short scale basses I know you are going to love the Mustang. I actually got mine off ebay as well. It can be weird buying a bass without playing it first but sometimes you just got to take a chance. Enjoy your new bass my friend.

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