The Downsize Dilemma, Pt. 2

Well I set out to sell off or trade my Ampeg 410HFL Cab for a decent bass combo, but it just didn’t seem to be in the cards. I posted my cab on Craigslist, setting the price at just a little over half of what I paid for it and also said I’d be willing to trade for a decent combo, but didn’t get any real offers of worth. I talked to the folks at Guitar Center and they were willing to give me about a third of what I paid for the cab, possibly a bit more if I used the cab as a trade-in and bought a combo from them.  I thought hard and long about trading my 4×10 in, but in the end just couldn’t do it.

I was fairly well set on getting a GK combo, which led me to looking at the GK MB200 micro head.  Pushing 200 Watts, and with a price tag of $249, I figured I had to at least check it out.  Turns out the MB200 has all the features I wanted in a combo amp, and it pairs it nicely with my Avatar 2×10 cab for practicing and smaller gigs, plus allows me the option of pairing it with my Ampeg 4×10 if more power is needed.  Seemed like a win, win for me, so I bought one.  I have yet to run it through the paces, but once I do you can expect a full review from me.

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GK MB200

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