Darren Michaels – Seasons

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Darren Michaels newest release “Seasons”, presents the solo bassists as a singer/songwriter. Approaching the album with the idea of capturing the magical timbre of vocals and acoustic guitar but with bass, Michaels has created a highly personal, somewhat unconventional, set of solo bass tracks.  

Brimming with ethereal vocals, gorgeous melodies, and soulful emotion, the thought-provoking songs on Seasons capture Michaels raw experiences of day-to-day living. Touching on the themes of gratitude, determination, longing, brevity of life, gentle action, and the love of nature Michaels skillfully employs altered tunings and chordal approaches throughout the 10 tracks.  For the recording, 3 basses were utilized, including a unique four string featuring 36 frets and detuners on each string, which Michaels deploys in real-time switching altered tunings on the fly.  

The crowd sourced album was created song-by-song with many of the tracks being pre-released to his followers seeking their input in the process.  Fans then actively participated as producers, commenting on different takes, mixes, and re-workings as the final songs took shape.

Seasons is a highly addictive album, leaving the listener wanting more.  Tracks like “Words” and “You Can” will have you singing along, while “It’s Enough” and “All I Can Give” may cause you to do some serious soul-searching. 


Michaels is planning a series of short-run tours in support of Seasons. Stay tuned to www.darrenmichaelsbass.com for upcoming show dates. Seasons can be purchased at 
iTunes or any other major outlet.
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