Craigslist Rant

I am so disappointed in what Craigslist has become. I recently put a bass up for sale and got nothing but spam responses, trying to swindle me in one way or another. There was a time when I lived and breathed Craigslist. I bought and sold gear & household items, posted and answered ads for band members and even found my current job in the help wanted section. Now I’m afraid to post anything. It’s funny because when I put the ad up for my bass my wife told me I was crazy and not to give out our address or have people come over or anything like that, and you know what, she was right! I know better than to invite total strangers over to my house to check out gear, especially since I have children, but really, the service is basically unusable to me now. It is so sad that what used to be such a great service has turned into a predatory environment.

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  1. Hey Elmeaux,

    Craigslist is more akin to running an ad in the local paper, with the transaction typically taking place face to face. Many people try to sell their gear locally before putting it up on ebay so they don’t have to deal with shipping. Plus once eBay & Paypal take their cut you usually end up with less $$ than you’d hoped for.

  2. I know the scam spam is a real PITA. I still use CL though; I can’t separate the spam but can send CL email to its own mailbox. I always post in my ad that I will not meet at my house or give out my address. Still a hassle, but as a junkie I need my fix. Still way easier on the pocket than ebay these days, and I wouldn’t buy something that I couldn’t play first so I stay local. My two fave basses are from CL and I don’t think I would have gotten the price I did elsewhere. Got to take the bad with the good I guess!

  3. Hi, I have a double standard when it comes to Craiglist now. I will buy off of it but do not sell any more.

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