First Impressions – Teach Me Bass Guitar

My first stop on my journey was the website: .  Here You will find general information about the course and Roy Vogt as well as a couple of sample lesson’s.  The website looks pretty slick and has all the basic info about the course including how to purchase it.  Should you decide to purchase the course you can choose to split the purchase price into 3 equal payments, which is a cool feature if funds are tight.  On the site there is a link called “Thunder Row” which looks to be a social type website for bassists.  Upon clicking the link for Thunder Row you are directed to a page that informs you that it is a work in progress and should be available “This Fall”, it then presents you with the option to sign up to receive an email letting you know when it is available.  I submitted my info and received an email a day or so later inviting me to check out the “Beta” version of the site.  I have checked it out and a lot of the links are not working yet, but it looks to be a cool bass oriented site and forum. read more