Bass Camp Final Prep

FBBC2013LogoNashvilleRoy Vogt’s Fantasy Bass Boot Camp is just two days away which has me transitioning from the practicing stage to the packing stage.  I am feeling fairly confident in my playing ability on the two songs I chose to learn, though my soloing efforts have not improved as much as I would have liked.  At this point I’ve decided not to worry about it too much and just enjoy the ride.  As I said before I’m not going to spend my days at Bass Camp stressing over whether or not I can pull off a solo, it’s just not that big of a deal.

Tonight I plan to get all of my gear and materials together, decide what I really need to take and what I can live without.  Tomorrow I will pack everything up, trying to keep it as light as possible, so that I will be all set to catch my flight bright and early on Sunday morning.  I’ll be taking my Fender Jazz Deluxe bass with me in a hard case, I had thought about taking my Lakland 44-01 but the jazz has just been speaking to me lately. For a headphone amp I plan to use my iPad with my Apogee Jam as I would be taking my iPad anyway and with Garageband, PocketGK, AmpKit and Amplitube I have a myriad of choices at my disposal.  

I decided to go to Roy’s Bass Camp last October and can’t believe how fast the time has flown since then.  It is just hitting me that it is real now.  It’s not just someplace I am going in the future, that future is two days away!!  I hope to get off a couple of posts while I am there but can’t promise anything, I will definitely be tweeting throughout the week though.  If nothing else I promise to post a full recap upon my return.


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  1. Have a fabulous time. I flew from the Netherlands last year to the Bass Camp – everyone was very welcoming. I learnt loads and had an incredible time.
    Enjoy …. Roy and the team will make sure you perform to your best!

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