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What is Bassramblings.com? It is just that, me rambling on about all things bass guitar. From learning resources to equipment reviews, I cover all the basses.

My Hobby, My Passion

At the end of 2009 I decided that after 25+ years of being a self-taught bassist it was time to hit the proverbial woodshed and go beyond simply learning songs. With a family and full time job I knew I would need to find something that would allow me to study at my own pace. After looking at several options online I decided on the Teach Me Bass Guitar Video Course by Roy Vogt. Not having any experience with video courses and knowing my tendency to start something but never finish it, I decided to start blogging about my experience with the course to keep me motivated. One of the first things I did before I bought the course was to look online to find any information I could on it. At the time the course was still very new and I could not find much more than affiliated sites promoting the course. As I started blogging about the course I realized that I really enjoy writing, and why should I limit myself to just one topic, thus I decided to create this site to blog about all things related to the bass guitar.

Head over to Thunder Row to learn a bit more about me in their member Bio section.

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