10 Great Bass Websites

1.  TalkBass.com

The Premiere social website for bassists.  I can’t tell you how many times I have hit the forums looking for info on gear, artists, or basically anything related to the bass guitar.  Many well known bassists actively participate in the discussions here allowing you to interact directly with your bass hero’s.

2.  Thunder Row

The brand new website from Roy Vogt and the folks at Teach Me Bass Guitar.  There is some great info here in regards to the Teach Me Bass Guitar course, but that’s not all this site has to offer.  With new videos posted almost daily, a forum and blog area I can wait for this site reach it’s full potential.

3.  Active Bass

An on-line community and education-based site for bassists.  I like surfing around this site looking for new ideas to ad to my practice regiment.  Active Bass has great articles, learning resources, on-line tablature, reviews & links, as well as direct interaction with educators and other bassists.

4.  Fretless Bass

This all fretless all the time site is a great for fretless players.  There is a gallery of fretless basses, a list of fretless players and even links to fretless basses currently listed on ebay!  If you play a fretless I would definitely check this site out.

5.  Bass Player

The official site of Bass Player Magazine.  From blogs and forums, to articles and reviews this site has it all.  The site allows the Bass Player folks to dig deeper into topics and artists covered in the printed magazine as well as provide videos showing the latest gear, lessons, and events such as SXSW.  Bass Player Online is a definite must see for all bass players.

6.  Study Bass

Study Bass provides interactive online bass lessons.  I hit this site first when I decided to get serious about my woodshedding.  There are some great resources here including a study guide, fretboard printer, online metronome, as well as interactive lessons complete with exercises and quiz’s.  I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for learning resources.

7. Bass Musician Magazine and Community

A great new online bass magazine designed for bassists and bass professionals.  Featuring articles, reviews, videos, blogs and classified’s this site has a lot of potential.

8. Victor Wooten.com

Victor Wooten’s site, need I say more?  Great info on Vic as well as his bass camp,  but perhaps the best part of this site is the Online Music Lab.  The lab provides some great resources for Fingerboard Training, Ear Training and Reading Lessons.  You can’t go wrong with this site.

9. Carol Kaye.com

The official site of Carol Kaye.  If you don’t know who she is, you should!  Along with some great info on Carol, there is a long list of tips provided by one of the most prolific bassists there is.  Every time I look at this site I find another classic song that I had no idea she played on.  A classic site from a classic player.

10.  Jaco Pastorius.com

Gone but not forgotten, this is the official site of Jaco Pastorius.  Providing info and perspectives on the life of arguably the most influential bassist of all time.  No bass site list would be complete without including this one.

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  1. Really agree with the list, especially talkbass and studybass. I’ve learned a lot from both of those sites!

  2. Yes! Scottsbasslessons.com is awesome! I wrote this post a while back, before I had discovered Scott’s site. I’m actually now a paid subscriber to Scott’s lessons, they’re that good!!

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