Aug 29 2011

5 Bluegrass Bass Websites

In my recent quest to learn all that I could about playing Bluegrass Bass I discovered the following bass-related sites that I thought were worth sharing.  The first is a great forum akin to Talkbass.com comprised of players of all levels.   The next two are free lesson sites that are great if you are just getting started.  The last two provide more focused and in depth lessons for a monthly fee.


Bass & Blugrass: A Forum and Message Board for Bluegrass Bass Players (and others too)

Active Bass – Bluegrass Bass Lessons:  Bluegrass area on ActiveBass.com

How to Play Bluegrass Fiddle:  Cool little homegrown site by Warren Yates

Artistworks Academy of Bluegrass School of Bass:  Slick new site offering Bluegrass lesson’s for more than just bass

Bluegrass College Bass Lessons:  Online Bluegrass Lesson’s for Bass as well as many other instruments




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  1. Bronson Elliott

    Good post! I’ve been playing a lot of blues lately in open mic jams. It’s been really fun and I’m wanting to learn more. Have you come across any blues bass websites worth mentioning?

  2. stantonl

    Hey Bronson, great to hear that you’ve been getting out there and playing! I haven’t found any “Blues” specific bass sites in my travels but will keep an eye out for you.

  3. Nicholas Kastman

    Hi!.. Stanton is there a specific scales in Bass Bluegrass?

  4. BRAdmin

    Nothing specific, as far as I know. Seems to me that Bluegrass tends to mainly stick to the Major Scales

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