Mar 01 2015

Practice Log Week 8 – 2/22/15

Wow!  February seems like it just flew by.  This last week I was still nursing a bit of a cold and minimized my practice time so I could go to bed early, but I still managed to finish up Module 2 of Scott’s Harmonic Layering Course.  Man, module 2 was jammed full of so much …

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Feb 22 2015

Practice Log Week 7 – 2/15/15

The longer I continue to keep a practice log, the easier I am finding it is to do.  I’m now at the point where if I miss a day, I feel bad.  This week I actually forced myself to pick up the bass, even if only for 15 minutes just to feel complete. I completed …

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Feb 15 2015

Practice Log Week 6 – 2/8/15

Today I took the time to review the data from my last 6 weeks of keeping a practice log and am starting to see some patterns emerge.  On average I am practicing 5 days a week, with each session being about an hour.  As I expected, Fridays and Saturdays are typically the days that get …

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Feb 08 2015

Practice Log Week 5 – 2/1/15

Some weeks are tougher than other to stick to my practice routine and this past week was a whooper!  I got off to a good start, but on Thursday my wife left for a week-long conference in Vegas.  My Mother was able to come and help out with the kids on Thursday and Friday, but …

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Feb 01 2015

Practice Log Week 4 – 1/25/15

One month down!  This week’s practice routine was bit light as I was on the mend.  Fortunately, I did manage to get a little practice in.  The good news is that I achieved both of my January goals; last week I finished Lesson 11 of Teach Me Bass Guitar and started Lesson 12, and yesterday …

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Jan 28 2015

Teach Me Bass Guitar Goes Digital

Teach Me Bass Guitar, Roy Vogt’s comprehensive, effective and entertaining self-paced bass guitar instructional course is now available for Streaming and Digital Download. Several options are available to get you going right away.  You can order the full course, bundles for beginner, intermediate, or advanced players, or purchase one lesson at a time.  No matter …

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Jan 25 2015

Practice Log Week 3 – 1/18/15

As predicted this past week was a bit of a challenge for me.  I went in for hernia surgery on Friday, so I’ve had to skip a couple of practice sessions.  Fortunately I am recovering nicely and hope to get back into my normal routine tomorrow.  The high point of my week was finishing Lesson …

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Jan 18 2015

Practice Log Week 2 – 1/11/15

I started my second week off with a bang, first watching a 2 hour Master Class with Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke, followed up by a Steve Lawson’s seminar on  Nothing like starting off the week fully motivated!  I also starting using my 5 string more and more, which is a goal of my for …

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Jan 11 2015

Keeping A Practice Log

For months now I have been trying to keep a consistent practice log.  I always start with good intentions but typically lose steam after a week or so.  Deep down I feel that keeping a consistent practice log will be key to making progress.  The scant logs I have kept here and there have made me …

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Dec 11 2014

Seeking Inspiration? Follow the Sonic Highways

I just finished watching Dave Grohl’s HBO series Sonic Highways, and I must say that I think it is the most inspirational series I have ever seen.  Each one-hour episode features a different iconic American city’s music scene and one of the studios that make it tick.  The history of each city’s music scene is …

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