Jul 20 2015

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Lately I’ve been feeling like I have hit a plateau in my learning.  You know the place, you keep practicing but don’t seem to make any progress.  This is a frustrating place to be, to say the least. I’ve been here many time and have learned to recognize it as such, but still, I have been struggling …

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Jun 24 2015

Darren Michaels – Seasons

Darren Michaels newest release “Seasons”, presents the solo bassists as a singer/songwriter. Approaching the album with the idea of capturing the magical timbre of vocals and acoustic guitar but with bass, Michaels has created a highly personal, somewhat unconventional, set of solo bass tracks.   Brimming with ethereal vocals, gorgeous melodies, and soulful emotion, the thought-provoking songs on …

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May 26 2015

Teach Me Bass Guitar – Lesson 14 Review

The Journey Before I get into my review of Lesson 14 of Teach Me Bass Guitar I would like to talk a little about my journey so far. Looking back I am realizing that it has been more than 5 years since I started My Journey with Teach Me Bass Guitar. In that time I …

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May 07 2015

Esperanza Spalding Presents: Emily’s D+Evolution

On May 5th I was fortunate enough to join an eclectic crowd in San Francisco at the Independent featuring Esperanza Spalding Presents: Emily’s D+Evolution.  The show was an amazing mix of performance art and music, melding Jazz, R&B, Funk and Rock layered on top with performance pieces by Esperanza and her band.  Sticking strictly to …

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Apr 19 2015

Practice Log Week 15 – 4/12/15

I have discovered another great reason to keep this practice log going, guilt.  While it is great to look back and see how much I have accomplished in a given week, it is also a glaring reminder to the fact that I have been slacking of the past couple of weeks.  Keeping this practice log shows …

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Apr 12 2015

Practice Log Week 14 – 4/5/15

With Easter and other family commitments, I only got in 3 good days of practice this week. Some weeks it’s tough to sit down with my bass and this was one of them.  Unfortunately I failed to meet my March goal of completing Lesson 13 of Teach Me Bass Guitar, and although I managed to …

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Apr 06 2015

Practice Log Week 13 – 3/29/15

This week I added a new 4 string to my collection, but it’s not a bass, it’s a ukulele.  I recently bought a ukulele for my daughter as she is learning to play at school and she wanted to be able to practice at home.  I had so much fun fiddling around with hers that …

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Mar 29 2015

Practice Log Week 12 – 3/22/15

Started out this week strong, then rolled into two nights of band practiced followed by a night at The Fillmore San Francisco watching Juan Nelson tear it up with Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals.  Man is Juan a funky player!  Such an awesome show.  Juan Nelson is one of my favorite bassist, so when he …

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Mar 26 2015

TakeLessons.com Ultimate Gear Giveaway

  Looking to take lessons but not sure where to start?  Want a chance to win some new gear? Then head over to TakeLessons.com and check out their Ultimate Gear Giveaway.   TakeLessons.com is an online marketplace dedicated to helping connect students with high quality teachers for private lessons. One of their primary lesson categories …

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Mar 22 2015

Practice Log Week 11 – 3/15/15

Went the whole week exclusively playing the Mustang bass, didn’t even touch the 5 string.  I’m sure at some point I will pick up the 5 again, but lately I just haven’t been feeling it.  That’s how it seems to go with me and the 5, not sure why, I just don’t seem to take …

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